Fryer Management Service


Oil Drops

PuriFry Fryer Management Service is provided on a scheduled basis, to fit in with your kitchens production requirements and oil usage, fortnightly, weekly or even up to 7 times per week. The service covers 3 main areas:


We bring into your kitchen specialist filtration equipment and your cooking oil is extracted from your fryer at working temperature (Minimising fryer downtime),the oil is then circulated through a specialist filter media removing particles down to 2 micron in size.

The process is so effective that you can actually see the cooking oil change in colour, becoming crystal clear and polished.

Clarifying the cooking oil benefits you by increasing its life, removing by filtration minuscule particles that constantly burn in the oil, leading to degradation. PuriFrys filtration is vastly superior to other systems available, addressing many issues that occur.


PuriFry use intensive cleaning methods, specialist chemicals and techniques – ensuring that the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. Once the oil has been removed from the fryer for filtration, or disposal, any solids are removed using a vacuum process, the fryer is then thoroughly cleaned and dried before the filtered or fresh oil is returned.

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness benefits you by preventing the build up of grease and carbon deposits, which constantly burn in the oil speeding up its degradation. Front of house fryers also benefit by presenting to your customers the correct image of cleanliness for your food preparation area.

Waste Handling & Disposal:

At PuriFry Health & Safety is paramount, when working with fryers at 180oC there is potential for serious burns or injuries, that is why when disposing of the waste oil we use specialist equipment designed specifically for use with hot oil. The oil is extracted from the fryer and transported safely to your waste area, or to the storage tank in the service van.

The extended service offering of waste oil removal means that there would be no waste oil stored on your site at any time, no drums of waste oil, no messy waste area and no waste handling issues.

Waste oil removal is fully licensed, and any collected is utilised at local approved facilities in the production of heat, power or bio-diesel.