Decarbonising Tanks



Burnt on carbon and heavy grease deposits are a time consuming and dangerous job in any Catering or Bakery kitchen, requiring heavy duty chemicals, scrapers and intensive cleaning to maintain your equipment to an acceptable standard.

An overnight soak in a PuriFry Decarb tank will remove even the most stubborn burnt on carbon  and grease deposits, leaving your equipment sparkling clean and ready for use.

Using a PuriFry Decarbonising Tank, the most econonically run tank available, will help by:

  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Improved Cleanliness
  • Reduced Labour Costs
  • Reduced Chemical Costs
  • Improved Kitchen Efficiency

Safety is paramount with our Decarb tanks, using a non-caustic solution and a unique loading & lifting mechanism.

For a low cost solution to a high cost problem why not give us or your local Franchisee a call to discuss a flexible economical solution for your kitchen.

Rolling Rental:

As a permanent fixture in your kitchen a tank is supplied with a full training and support package, we call with you every 4 weeks to maintain the tank, change the water and top up the chemical solution.

Short Term Rental:

Delivered to you with a complete training program and removed after an agreed time, giving you the opportunity to catch up on all your carbon removal.