Customer Support


At PuriFry we take pride in the quality of backup and support that we provide to our valued customers,

delivery note.jpgyou will find that your PuriFry Service Technician will be able to advise you in a range of areas including:

  • Oil Selection.
  • Equipment Selection.
  • Best Frying practices.
  • Waste Disposal & Handling.

As well as advice and support PuriFry use a bespoke IT system, digitally capturing job details and signatures enabling us on job completion to instantly e-mail you a comprehensive Proof of Delivery note, including:

  • Services completed & Signatures.
  • A waste Transfer Note, as a legal requirement.
  • Before & After Photographs, enabling you to monitor quality.

Should you ever loose your Delivery notes you can also access our data base, using your User Name & Password,and the logon panel on the right column of every page. Here you will be able to view and download all work completed for your kitchen.

PuriFry continually strive to excel in all areas of customer support, giving our customers backup second to none,and meeting our mission statement:

To provide the highest quality  fryer filtration and cleaning service, with the emphasis on Health & Safety, Reliability and Professionalism.